Kids’ Crocs Eve Sparkle Flat

Kids’ Crocs Eve Sparkle Flat

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    Kids’ Crocs Eve Sparkle Flat
    품목 번호203521

    Think of this as her “fashion flat” — it’s a perfectly feminine silhouette that she’ll wear on dress-up days and beyond. It’s never too stuffy or formal — the sparkly, glittery uppers and printed footbed liner keeps things on the fun side. Croslite™ foam construction makes them incredibly light and easy to wear, too.

    Kids’ Crocs Eve Sparkle Flat details:

    • A prettier flat for girls with an on-trend toe shape
    • Beautiful, fun-filled sparkle treatment on the uppers
    • Croslite™ foam construction keeps them light
    • Lined footbed for even more comfort
    • Iconic Crocs Comfort™: original Croslite™ foam cushion kids love

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